Saturday Workshops

Lynne Friel
Saturday 18 August
Introduction to Mount Cutting
10am – 4.30pm
All materials and tools provided including two sheets of conservation mountboard

Learn to cut accurate, bespoke, single mounts using a handheld mount cutter. We will calculate sizes so you can fit your textiles into readymade or existing frames.
In the afternoon we will look at cutting box mounts which will introduce depth and shadow around your work.

Lynne Friel
Saturday 13 October 2013
Displaying Textiles
10am – 4.30pm
Cost £75.00
Take your textiles out of the draw and display them on your wall.
Learn to display your textile pieces using techniques that are reversible and do not damage your work.

You will learn various ways of supporting your textiles including:
• Lacing,
• ‘T’ pins
• Floating

A sheet of conservation mountboard, foamboard and some neutral coloured support fabrics are included in the workshop price.

Please contact us here to check availability